Introduction to computer


Chapter 1

1-1 Computer Definition   
1-2 Computer Characteristics
1-3 Classification of Electronic Computer
1-4 Computer Development
1-5 Components of Computer System


Chapter 2
(Hardware and Software)

2-1 Hardware vs. Software
  2-2-1 Input
  2-2-2 Inside the Box: The CPU!
  2-2-3 Output
2-3 Software
  2-3-1Operating System
  2-3-2 Programs

(Operating System)


4-1 What is  a computer network?

4-2 What is the important of computer network ?

4-3 Examples of computers networks
4-4 Types of computer networks
  4-4-1 Local Area Networks (LAN)
  4-4-2 Wide Area Network (WAN)


5-1 The Internet
5-2 The World Wide Web

Appendix A
Research Areas of Computer Science (CS)

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